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Welcome to SF Video, your foremost partner for efficient and cost effective worldwide sourcing and manufacturing, media replication, and VOD/digital distribution. We fulfill your needs in these areas through three distinct enterprises: SF Global Sourcing, SF Video, and SFGS Express.


SF Video continues to be a reliable partner in all forms of physical media replication, printing and packaging. Whether you need CDs, DVDs, USBs or Blu-Ray discs feel welcome to email or call for a customized price quote. 800.545.5865


SF Global Sourcing is your premiere partner for international sourcing and manufacturing. We are specialists in China sourcing of consumer goods with a global network that ensures you will attain the best quality at the most competitive price. Discover our unique WOW process aimed at securing you the highest possible perceived value while maintaining a cost of goods that will enable your business to thrive.


SFGS Express provides short-run and fast turn custom products through our easy to use online website. Our media products include USB, CD and DVD replication and duplication, and packaging. We offer a wide array of promotional merchandise including custom tees and hoodies, hats, bags, and drinkware available for your next campaign. Our focus is on fast sourcing and production for projects up to 2,000 units where speed is of the essence.


About SF Video

For over a quarter of a century, SF Video has been your trusted global source for optical disc replication and duplication, international sourcing and manufacturing, and now digital downloading and streaming. Our approach is to consult with you in partnership to ensure you get the best possible quality and service at the most competitive price. Headquartered in San Francisco, SF Video continues to evolve its services in response to the marketplace's changing needs. We constantly strive to employ the latest in emerging communication and automation tools, without ever losing site of what makes success for us and our clients possible: relationships and the human touch.

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Our Story

In 1990 Steven Feinberg formed SF Video out of his parents' garage in Hillsborough, California south of San Francisco, specializing in VHS videotape duplication for a variety of Fortune 1000 companies. SF Video grew rapidly and in 1996 was named to the Inc. 500 of the Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies. As content shifted from tapes to optical discs, SF Video, Inc. became one of the world's foremost replicators of mass-produced CDs and DVDs. Over the years, SF Video has serviced customers as diverse as Conair, Herbalife, Guthy-Renker, Intel, Mattel, and Nike, to name a few.

Today, as consumer preferences continue to evolve, SF Video now offers VOD digital download and streaming capabilities. In June 1990 Michael Brandon joined the company and today is in charge of all day to day operations. A natural extension of SF Video's core business became sourcing and manufacturing our satisfied clients' total consumer goods offer, hence SF Global Sourcing was created to fulfill those needs in 2010. With locations in China and throughout the globe, SF Global Sourcing stands ready to fulfill all of your packaging, sourcing, and manufacturing needs. SF Global Express leverages the latest e-commerce technology and just-in-time manufacturing capabilities to fulfill all of your promotional needs efficiently and cost effectively.


Contact Us

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Corporate Headquarters
3450 Sacramento St. #353

San Francisco, CA 94118.

Michael Brandon, President

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